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The latest in the dentistry world of Dentist in Dearborn MI

As the rest of the sectors are developing globally, dentistry is not left behind. The era of evolution is now. This change is driven by the need to have the patients receiving the best in dental care and treatment. Time is gone when patients used to fear the dentists. These days, dentists are not harsh like the myth made them appear to be. Instead, they have improved the dental services with improved comfort during treatment, modern equipment and no side effects after treatment. So much technologies have contributed to the evolution. Here are some;

The word x-ray makes people panic especially if it is recommended to them as a form of examination. That’s however the traditional x-ray. The harmful nature of the traditional x-rays led to the invention of the modern x-rays that are better and safer than their previous counterparts. Other than being safe, they do the examination just perfect. The special feature with these rays is that they are fast in digital computers and allow for zooming in and out for precise defect identification.

  • Use of laser rays

After the invention of laser, so many advancements are associated to it. The dentistry sector has also borrowed the benefits of the laser. The best side of the laser is that no pain is experienced in its use. The patient remains calm and comfortable throughout the procedures. Furthermore, it also adds on efficiency. Various areas where they very much apply is the removal of tumors and teeth whitening. Any bacteria present on the oral cavity can also be killed by the laser rays. No complications are hence possible during dental treatments.

  • Dental implants

Who thought that a lost tooth can be replaced? Over the years, patients have been going for the dentures and other artificial teeth just to have the gaps filled. With tooth implants, the teeth are seen to be more of natural than artificial. Functionality is just like the normal teeth. Anything you wish to do with the teeth is possible conveniently. Dental implants involves some teeth roots screwed into the gum and jaw bone for support. A tooth colored crown is then fixed on the strong roots to complete the ideal tooth design. What you end up with is a tooth you are proud of when smiling and one you can use to chew even the hard foods.

  • Composite materials

For a long time, the materials used for dental fillings and crown treatments were just fine in functionality. They only failed when it came to the color and aesthetics. No one wants to give a smile when a brown metal filling is underlying the lips. However, the composite materials have given the tooth colored crowns that are just like the natural crown color. No one sees the difference.

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Sedation Dentistry- Top Questions To Ask Your Dentist Munster IN

The dental chair is most often than not associated with fear and most people are always afraid to visit the dentist. However, with the advance of technology, there is a solution for patients to undergo any dental procedure without actually enduring pain. Sedation dentistry is the solution to all dental problems.

Of course, you have to understand that not all dentist can perform this and you have to use a professional dentist if you want to use sedation. What the dentist will do is use medications to soothe away all the anxiety and fear and at some point, you will be awake throughout the procedure but you can be sure you will be relaxed. Now, if you are thinking this is the thing for you, below are some questions you will have to ask the dentist before you carry on.

Will the sedation make me sleep?

You should know that there are different levels of sedation and you will only be unconscious if you are extremely afraid. The doctor will also have to monitor your vital sighs. You can either have minimal sedation, where you inhale nitrous oxide, oral sedation, where you take a pill orally to calm yourself or IV moderate sedation, where the dentist administers the sedative through your vein.

Will there be any pain?

Depending on the needs, you dentist can adjust the levels of sedation but you can be assured that they will make sure you have the appropriate amount in order not to have any pain.

Do they cover all types of procedures in sedation?

Everything From routine cleaning through to all the complicated procedures, sedation dentistry can be used. Whether you want to have a tooth extraction, dental implant, root canal, sedation will be administered if you want and if you go to the right dentist.

Is this for everyone?

There are various dental treatments that are not possible for everyone but when it comes to sedation dentistry, this is normally a patients choice. This is simply for anyone who has dental phobia or people who feel very anxious when visiting a dentist in order to relax while being serviced. In case you know that you have a low pain thresh hold, then you are free to put a request to the dentist that they use the \sedation dentistry to you. If you also have poor gag reflex or physical limitations in your neck, jaw, back as well as if you are completing many treatments on a single visit then you can use sedation.

So, the next time you visit your dentist and are afraid that you might be in pain, the solution to your problem is to use sedation dentistry to save yourself all the pain and all the trouble.


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Laser dentistry by Johns Creek Dentist; the trending advancement

Laser technology is being utilized in almost all the sectors. Its diverse applications led to the thought that, maybe it could do well in dentistry too. With problems being experienced especially for unprecise and painful treatment traditionally, laser technology had some place and a role to play at least. These are just light rays that are narrow but intense to give light energy in their application. Once these beams of light are directed to a given tissue, there is some reaction experienced. The laser can either be used to shape that tissue as desired or remove it entirely.

Johns Creek Invisalign and Lasers for dental treatments

With the kind of laser technology applications that people know, they can’t simply help asking the question; really? I mean, how can a metal cutter be used inside your mouth? The kind of laser rays used in dentistry are special and regulated according to the dentist needs. Never will they turn out to be harmful. They can be used solely or be incorporated in other machines inside the dentist’s office. The best thing with laser use is the diversified applications under its name.

So, how is that?

It has already been mentioned that laser rays has unlimited applications in dentistry. Outlined are some;

  • Pain minimization – it has been a hectic job for dentists to carry out their treatments without anesthetics. The pain can be enormous for the patients to withstand. Rather than anesthetics, lasers are cheaper and safer options to use. Cold sores and cankers can be hence treated comfortably.
  • Wisdom teeth exposure – nothing is as discomforting as the eruption process of the teeth. Even to the adults, the pain keep driving away the happiness. Lasers can these days be used to expose these teeth rather than waiting for the process to take place naturally.
  • Reshaping the gums – gum disease can reshape the gum leading to its failure of supporting the teeth. Lasers come in to do the restructuring of the gums to restore their shape and hence function. This is important for crown lengthening procedures.
  • Get rid of certain tissues – sometimes, there may be overgrown tissues in the oral cavity maybe due to some medications. These can be safely removed by the lasers. Muscles that hinder natural oral movements can also be eliminated.
  • Teeth whitening – laser beams are used for faster teeth whitening procedures.

Why the essence of lasers?

With lasers being used to minimize pain, the dentists find it unnecessary to use anesthesia. Any discomfort that could have been caused with the introduction of the anesthesia is hence dodged. In addition, lasers are very narrow to allow for precise treatment. They can also reduce excess bleeding in oral surgeries while killing the bacteria probably present then.

Dental care- tips you must know

In order to maintain healthy oral hygiene, there are many things you need to do. These include your gum and all other things that make up the mouth. It consists of pre-emptive care, treating diseases affecting the gum and teeth and to some extend, replacing missing or damaged ones. There are several reasons for suffering teeth ailments however; using the right procedure and care will help heal the problem. This automatically helps in avoiding expensive and complex procedures that are painful and sometimes take ages to fix. If you are able to care for your teeth, you will not have to worry about costly medical processes meant to cure the problem. Once you can care of your dental hygiene, you will avoid medical health problems such as heart attacks and many others. Important tips to keep in mind are listed below.

  1. Brushing teeth frequently- It is generally recommended by dentists all over the world that you brush your teeth after every meal you take. Ensure the brush is soft and use toothpaste that has fluoride and most importantly clean every part of the tooth. Do not be vigorous when brushing; otherwise, you will hurt your gum and start bleeding. Take gentle strokes when brushing.
  2. Take your time- Most people hurry the process so as to do something else. But you should take about two minutes when doing it. This will ensure the plaque around the tooth is eliminated and the foodstuffs remaining between are removed. After super and early morning the most vital time for you to brush your teeth.
  3. Flossing- This should be done regularly. The method of doing it is paramount because it determines whether your will get rid of the plaque. Use the middle fingers to grip the ends. The floss should be held firmly by your forefingers plus the thumb then pulled in a gentle manner as you rub the side areas of the tooth. Remember to use the eighteen-inch floss to accomplish this. The technique you use will determine if you get rid of the foods between your teeth or not.
  4. Regular teeth checkups- Dentists recommend that you go for dental care examination every four months. The expert will inspect them and identify any defects or diseases or any issue that will require immediate attention and prevent it from damaging your teeth. You should note that oral ailments don’t have symptoms, but you will notice them once the ailment surfaces. For instance, tooth decay or cavity development will be recognized when you begin to feel pain. To prevent this from happening, visit a dentist regularly so that these issues can be identified early.
  5. Use a mouthwash- This should be used at least twice every day to keep fresh breath and your teeth clean. The mouthwash you use has antiseptic chemicals that eliminate bacteria that may be forming. Also, make sure you eat a balanced diet and avoid sugary foods.